Oxidative stress in your skins tissue is a main reason why our skin ages. This oxidative stress is caused by environmental damage overtaking your skins antioxidant defence and can result in visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, dullness, age spots and loss of elasticity. Boosting the levels of antioxidants in your skin with our Pure Face Co range, allows you to fight free radicals and prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

Pure Face Co AHA face wash will help reduce fine lines, reduce size of your pores and give your skin a fresher look and feel. AHAs also help reduce the appearance of pigmentation on the skin and can unclog pores, so your imperfections are reduced. Our face wash can also help to remove bacteria reducing breakouts. Using an AHA face wash will certainly improve the texture and tone of your skin over time. Start using once a day, followed by Pure Face Co Moisturizer and work you way up to twice a day.

Quick answer is yes. You drink lots of water to hydrate your body don’t you? Well, the same goes for your skin. Hydration is important to reduce the long term effects of aging. Pure Face Co moisturizer also contains antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental damage. It also calms your skin reducing redness, inflammation and improves the texture of your skin.